Tonic is a collection of benches, storage and tables designed for clients who want flexibility, team centered design, and lasting durability. Tonic serves needs in populating spaces for meetings, open plan teams and small group collaboration. A new universal storage line, creating modular zones for organization, storage and display.  ZO’s low credenzas with stacker storage units are ideal for space division in open plan configurations and offer a modern vibe right for private offices. Seven’s innovative design allows facility profess-ionals to manage inventories of contoured surface shapes without regard to handedness. Simply flip the surface and the left-hand becomes the right and vice-versa. A comprehensive line of freestanding, height adjustable worksurfaces, storage, privacy, and technology support components, Fusion blends the style and vitality of European designs into the functional require-
ments of American office environments.
Highly efficient rectilinear worksurfaces, storage, and privacy components designed primarily for open office applications, M2 is easy to specify and accommodates both functional and aesthetic requirements in any office facility. An innovative class of freestanding private office and administrative furniture, Miro was developed for progressive organizations whose executives, managers and other leaders seek an updated alternative to conventional office case goods.